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Show Notes

The Wendy Love Edge Show does not dispense medical advice and all your health choices are your own.

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On October 23rd 2021, the inaugural Live Free Music and Arts Festival occurred in Fayetteville Arkansas. It was the creation of Rochelle Bradshaw, Wendy Love Edge, April Lee of Prarie St. Live, Trisha Guting and Lisa Jo Outlaw, as well as many other community members, volunteers, vendors, artists and musicians. It was all about freedom and self expression. The community finally was able to get together in a safe environment and feel free to release themselves. This show is about Freedom, using the festival as a backdrop. Enjoy!

Guests: Joe Grumbine- The Founder of The Human Solution International and Willow Creek Springs

Rochelle Bradshaw – Portland Jamaica born singer songwriter and front woman for Rochelle Bradshaw and Hypnotion. Tours internationally with Stephen Marley

Trisha Guting- Founder of Out of Hand Collective

Artist Lisa Jo Outlaw- Artist

Footage from The Live Free Music and Arts Festival includes bands and speakers from the Fayetteville Arkansas area as well as from California and Texas.

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The Wendy Love Edge Show is created and written by Wendy Love Edge.

Producer: A. Edge Productions

Editor: Flint Woods


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Hempstock CT August 14th and 15th 2021 to Benefit Better Together CT

This weekend in North Stonington CT the first annual “Hempstock” is occuring. Music, speakers, art, vendors, delicious food, workshops and more will be all included in this inaugural event.

The event benefits, “Better Together CT” an organization that benefits Veterans and First Responders. Check out this Wendy Love Edge Show Extra about the organization and the event. Get your tickets here:

Get your tickets here:

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The Wendy Love Edge Show New Episode: Celebrating The Ego

Here’s the latest episode of The Wendy Love Edge Show, Celebrating the Ego.

Here’s some information about the episode:

The Wendy Love Edge Show with Topher Kogen does not dispense medical advice and all of your health choices are your own.

Guests: Chris McCleary is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and a licensed professional counselor working in private practice in Northwest Arkansas. He holds 4 master’s degrees along with some initial training for a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine. As an eclectic psychotherapist, he integrates holistic concepts into the healing process, including transpersonal methods such as hypnotherapy, astrology, human design, past life regressions, dreams, meditation, etc. He has appeared on several international radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM, Veritas Radio, Reddit, and many more. More of his work is available at and

Aaron Cagle- Founder and Host of Hotbox Manor

Angela Edge Multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, Indie Rocker and producer of this show Angela Edge shares her music video, “Green With Envy”

Musical Guest: Dawn Beyer

Miss Teddi: @learnfromteddi on FB

This show is written and created by Wendy Love Edge and Topher Kogen

Show management and producer: Angela Edge

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Editing: Flint Woods

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Enjoy the show!

The Wendy Love Edge Show Season 4, Extended Episode 10: Parenting and Cannabis

Join us for the latest episode of The Wendy Love Edge Show. The show tackles the important topic of parenting and cananbis. Author Danielle Simone Brand, Marissa Fratoni RN, Tommy and Wendy Turner, and Musician Dale Stokes are the guests on this episode. Enjoy!–Extended-Episode-10-Parenting-and-Cannabis-etbdck