What do we mean by, ” Take back your health America”?

In  2011, I became gravely ill with a disease called dermatomyositis.  I was no stranger to illness.  In fact over the years I had been diagnosed with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, diabetes, asthma, and coronary artery disease.  I had surgeries over the years for my numerous illnesses.  I was also placed on a number of pharmaceutical medications.  Despite this, I was able to function, work, marry, and  raise a family.  But this time, it was different.  This disease, I was told, could kill me in short order.    In fact, I was told on three separate occasions that I was going to die either from the medication that they had to give me to treat it with, or from the disease itself.  Soon I found myself bulldozed on 16 different medications,  unable to walk or lift my arms for any length of time, and dependent on others for my self-care.    I was anxious, depressed, gained a lot of weight and was very unhealthy despite my determination to do everything that they had told me. I wanted to live.

With some life changes, I soon realized that if my health and my life was going to improve I had to take back my health from the healthcare system and its mainstream providers.  I had to educate myself about not only the many diseases that I had but the medications that they were giving me.  I also began to investigate alternatives and found a wide range of options that I thought could help me.  I realized though, that with the current economic conditions many people would not have access to these options and that concerned me.  Still, I pressed on.  I used all of my resources to try these options for myself, and many of them worked for me.

Then, I changed my mind.  I decided that I was going to be healthy and well.  I decided that whatever it took, I was taking back my health and therefore my life.

When I say change your mind, I mean change it for the positive.  Your body knows how to heal itself and when you seek positive solutions to wellness and health, you will find them.  I hit some walls along the way. But because I had changed my mind and decided I was going to be well and healthy, it created a sense of determination. I couldn’t be stopped.  All of the negative talk that the mainstream medical establishment had bulldozed me with soon dissipated.  I found myself, my strength and my power.  I decided I was taking back my health.

Everyone can do this.  We, at bulldozer health Inc. want to support you.  I  didn’t have that kind of support and I know that my journey would have been easier if I had. So, Bulldozer Health Inc. is urging you to take back your health. We will support, educate and empower you if you want us to.  We will do this through media, public speaking, health care advocacy and coaching, and emergency services for chronic conditions.  We will help you to find solutions that work for you. We will work tirelessly to improve access to alternative health solutions for all people.  You, however need to do your part.  Change your mind. Change your life.

Take Back Your Health America!


Wendy Love Edge

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