Why are we called “Bulldozer Health”?

Many people ask why is the company called “Bulldozer Health”?  This is a very good question, as  a bulldozer does not immediately conjure up  a picture of health and wellness in our minds.  There are several reasons why the company is called Bulldozer Health.

Firstly, I, the creator and founder of this health care reform initiative, feel that I was bulldozed by the medical establishment and by pharmaceutical medications.  What I mean by bulldozed, is that I was brainwashed to believe that they had my best interest in mind. I think it is possible that their illusions run so deep that they thought that too.  While I  do believe that doctors enter the medical profession with good intentions, that can change through their education, the system and the pharmaceutical companies.  When a doctor told me three separate times that I was going to die, he did so without regard for the fact that in his white coat with his degrees on the wall, his words were very powerful.  And his words came so clearly and easily that I bought it, and my family bought it too.  We put our trust and faith in our doctors.  But what I know now is that they are frequently brainwashed and sold to the pharmaceutical companies to peddle poison into our bodies.  Even though my grandmother Rose taught me well not to believe everything I see or hear or read, I was bulldozed by doctors.  Because they are in a position of power over us, and hold special knowledge.  They take an oath that I thought protected me from them doing harm.  The definition of that has changed a lot though since the pharmaceutical companies came into full power.  In turn, the medical establishment has changed drastically too since I was a little girl and certainly since my grandmother Rose was growing up. Make no mistake, in America, doctors are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies.  That  means that treating with pharmaceutical medications is the first step they often will take in most situations, instead of using them as a last resort.  Just watch the pharmaceutical advertisements on television for prescription drugs.  You can use medication for everything from weight loss to laughing too much.

As for the pharmaceuticals themselves, being placed  on 16 prescribed pills and injections, I couldn’t help but be bulldozed.  It was like someone put a veil over my eyes and pumped fog into my brain.  I thought I was doing the right thing because the doctors had already bulldozed my mind, and then my mind was bulldozed by all the medication.  The truth that I know now, is that though they told me I needed the medicine to survive. when anyone is on more than two medications the doctors have no idea how they are interacting in your body.  And they were not looking for another solution that might keep me well and healthy.  So I had to do it.  To find myself, my health and wellness and determine what I had left of  my mind and body, I had to come out from under all that medicine.  I had to bulldoze the medicine out of me in the safest way possible.

Lastly, I had to become like a bulldozer.  If I was going to live a good life, I was going to have to pick up momentum for my health and well-being.  I had to find better alternatives to treat my 4 autoimmune diseases. I needed alternatives that would not only treat my body, but heal it.  Like a bulldozer I pressed on forward and never took no for an answer.  I still battle my illnesses, but I do it in a way that I can live with.  I use organic, natural remedies.  I eat well, exercise and rest.  I work on my mind all the time seeking the positive  through meditation and positive thinking.  If I falter on any of these things, my health suffers.  I put my health in my own hands and like a bulldozer I press on taking with me anyone in my path as far as my strength can take them.

I am working daily to inspire others to look at where they are being bulldozed and shatter those illusions with truth and health alternatives.  I want  everyone to find wellness and peace.   My team of volunteers and I will reach every American, and ask them to take back their health.  For life is not only to be lived, but to be lived well.

Bulldozer on!

Wendy Love Edge

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