Alternative Health Networking

When I decided to take back my health, I had to find alternatives to what was being offered to me at the doctor’s office.   An M.D., or allopathic doctor, really mainly offers  pills or surgery to help with diseases and ailments.  At that point, I was in pharmaceutical overload.  Once I realized this fact, I  also realized that  this  was not helping  my various illnesses.  In  fact,  it was just holding my body back from healing itself.  It was covering up my symptoms.  Symptoms, tell us  something is wrong and point to imbalances that are happening within the body.  When bulldozed by medicine, we can’t pay attention to symptoms and our  body becomes bogged down and further imbalanced.

So as I was coming off of all of my pharmaceutical medication, my  symptoms started to come out full force.  While this was very unpleasant, I didn’t let that stop me in my quest for health.  I started to contact alternative health providers to see if someone could help me on a sliding scale.  Because I have musculoskeletal problems and autoimmune problems, I decided to go to a chiropractor. I chose chiropractic because I learned that regular chiropractic care improves ones immune system and allows the body to learn to heal itself, because it brings everything into alignment.  I asked friends and family who I should go to see,  and found a great chiropractor that would see me within my means.  But I knew full well, that not everyone may find that luxury or even feel comfortable asking for help.

I continued with my healing process, and resolved to find a way to help others have access to alternative healthcare.  Now, with our Bulldozer Health Inc. becoming a reality,  part of the project is to do just that.  We have an alternative care network on our website.  This network consists of advertisements for alternative care providers by state for only $50 per advertisement per year  to the provider.  We can’t endorse their care, but if they want us to rate it, we will give them a rating after a free treatment is provided.   This project helps us reach alternative health providers in the community and partner with them.  Some of them record health tips for our YouTube channel.  Some of them will be present at our health fairs to educate the public about what they do.

Our long-term goal, is to obtain grants to subsidize care for people who find it difficult to reach into their pockets to pay for alternative health care.  As the system is right now, people are paying for required health insurance and this mainly buys them access to medical doctors, tests, vaccines, pills and surgery.  Very few insurance plans cover alternative medicine options.  Some may cover chiropractic, massage or acupuncture in a limited way.  But the access is not there like the access for pills or surgery.  Bulldozer Health Inc. is committed to helping people to access treatments that will teach the body to heal itself.

There are many choices available within the alternative health care realm. Bulldozer Health Inc. is committed to having as many options as possible available to all people.   We also will educate people about those options so they are aware of what is available.  It is our goal to empower and educate people so that they truly feel that their health is in their own hands.

Take back your health America!

Wendy Love Edge


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