Alternative Health: All people should have all of the options

Today, I was in and around Fayetteville Arkansas, talking with people about taking back their health.  I am in a “no legal cannabis” zone, so I am never sure if people are pro cannabis, will get upset in talking about the issue, or even be truthful.  It makes me feel sad, that people are so uncomfortable talking about this very real health option.  I decided to switch gears a bit then, and talk about other options with them, and what health means to them. This is all very interesting as some people have heard of various treatment options, but never tried them.  They also have very different ideas about the meaning of “health”.

Through Bulldozer Health Inc., we want people to know about all of the alternatives available to them for their health.  There has been a lot of talk lately regarding the Affordable Care Act, and what that entitles people to get for the money that they are now required to spend. What you get, is access to primarily pills and surgery.  It also entitles you to medical testing.  The problem is, the foundation or the anchor,  is missing.   What I mean by that, is the basic elements of good health are not the focus.  And people do not have access to treatments that may actually heal their body, or teach their body to heal itself.   Lifestyle is only discussed if that is important to the particular physician you go to see.  It is not discussed as a matter of health,  or as a protocol to good health.   They have protocols about which medicines to give, but not about which foods to eat, how much exercise would help, or whether the person has been getting enough rest,  for example.

The way Western Medicine has formed, it is a symptom driven approach, with answers mainly in pills, injections, vaccines, tests and surgeries.  Rarely is it about the anchor.  For instance, when you go to a Western physician with stomach problems, do they review your diet in detail? Your sleep schedule? Your eating schedule?  If they do, do they have you make changes with that if necessary before they come at you with a bunch of tests and pharmaceutical medications?  These questions are important, but here are some more important questions.  If they went over these things with you, would you go home and implement changes and return in 3 weeks to discuss it? If this was suggested, would you be put off, wondering why they didn’t just fix it with a prescription?   If for instance, your physician could send you to have acupuncture but it might take 3 or 4 sessions,  would that be acceptable to you?   We must examine deeply, what we are willing to do to stay healthy.  In my opinion, we must stop relying on the physician to give a quick fix.  For many people, we have become a society of not only quick fixes for our health, but a “fix me” society as well. This is a victim mentality, not an empowered mentality.

Health, is really a state of balance.  When the balance is off we don’t feel well.  Alternative health modalities, seek to restore this balance using their chosen pathway. Not every alternative care treatment is for every one of course.   Through experience, I see that when people have the opportunity to try some different options, they typically find one that works best for them.  I also think that when working with people and inspiring them to take back their health, we must take into account their personal definition of health and help them set goals to improve it.

Health encompasses many things, and means different things to different people. So, to achieve health, it requires taking small steps in that direction.  By taking small steps, people see over time that their health improves. This gives them a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of their own health.  It drives them forward in the positive direction.

Through Bulldozer Health Inc., we are setting up a network of alternative health providers across the country.  We are starting in a few cities, and working our way forward.  We want everyone to know, that there are like-minded practitioners out there interested in hearing their health goals and helping them to achieve them.  There are numerous options for health available.  The answer to finding health  is multi-faceted, and lies in your own willingness to keep an open mind, and reach for it.

Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge




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