The Bulldozer Health Show Episode 17: A conversation about art&health w/Jori Costello

Here is the next episode of our podcast, The Bulldozer Health Show, Episode 17.

In this episode I had the pleasure of sharing ideas with The Great Jori Costello about how art and music impact health.

Please listen here:

You can contact Jori at:

Twitter: @jorianoxygen @joricostello

Jori Costello has been a dear friend of mine for many years.  She is also an incredibly gifted artist and musician, and a contributing volunteer on many levels including her part on the media team at Bulldozer Health Inc.  I remember once during the time I was withdrawing from the very heavy duty pills and injections,  I texted her about the pink ponies I was seeing in my room. She was so compassionate, kind and understanding.  And well, in the scheme of things, pink ponies really aren’t so bad.
Love you Jori. Follow her. Listen to her music. Watch her one womyn play. She is amazing and not to be missed!


Wendy Love Edge

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Trailer for Jori Costello’s one womyn show:

Lessons on Lobbying from NAFSA

This week I am very proud to post a blog by our Political Consultant Connor Ruby. Connor went with me to visit Congressman Jim McGovern in MA and that was a very positive visit. We need to visit more Congressman and Senators for sure. As we grow, we want more people to do so to talk about true health care reform that includes alternative health. We also want people to approach their Congressman and Senators to ask them to work with us, and get the pharmaceutical advertising off of TV. Connor provides some great advice here! Read, and join the wave of health care reform with us.
Take back your health America!

The World Stage

Last March, I was selected as one of a few students from Clark University to attend NAFSA Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C.  NAFSA is the Association of International Educators (if you’re wondering how the name fits the acronym, it doesn’t: the organization used to be called the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers), and every year holds Advocacy Day, where education experts, university faculty, and often students visit their members of Congress to advocate for bills that affect international students and study abroad programs. The event takes two days: the actual Advocacy Day is preceded by a conference the day before, where representatives from NAFSA instruct and advise the delegations on how best to advocate for legislation.

In 2015, NAFSA was concerned with two bills (technically four, as there were Senate and House versions of each bill): High Skilled Immigration Reform, and the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act.  NAFSA…

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Big Pharma Creates A Disease in Ads

Big Pharma Creates a Disease in Ads. And then they have just the thing to fix it. Pills.

We made this video because we got tired of watching Big Pharma advertise symptoms to create the idea that if you have a certain symptom you are sick, and need their products.

This one of the ways that the pharmaceutical advertising is harmful to the public. It creates fear and worry and drives people to go to their doctor and ask about the drug that they saw on TV.

Please watch:

At the end he says, “I’ve got a problem, help me America”.   Doesn’t seem like a problem to me.

Wendy Love Edge

Please sign our petitions to get the pharmaceutical advertising of off television:

Podcast: The Bulldozer Health Show Episode 16

Here is episode 16 of The Bulldozer Health Show. In this episode, Wendy interviews Cynthia Busse. Cynthia is a nutritionist and essential oils educator. It was my pleasure to interview her on this episode of the show!

Please listen here:

Wendy Love Edge

A video of this episode will soon appear on youtube.

Wendy Love Edge
Take back your health America!

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