‘Big Pharma’ Game and the Ethical Dilemma of for-Profit Pharmaceuticals

Please read this very interesting article by our political consultant Connor Ruby, about The Big Pharma Game.

The World Stage

A new game called Big Pharma is out to make a point about it’s subject matter – with a twist. The game allows the player to play as the executive of a pharmaceutical company, making decisions about purchasing lab equipment and developing medications. At a glance, it may not be so different from other management simulation games which allow to player to develop as successful of a business plan and company as possible. That is, however, part of the point.

A key message of the game is that a pharmaceutical corporation is often like any other – it’s main motive is profit. However, the products of the pharmaceutical industry are not like other consumer goods: they exist not for leisure or profit but for health. The game explores the ethical dilemmas that occur when the interests of a company and the needs of patients clash.

As the game’s maker, Tim…

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