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What if every tomato plant that you grew was taxed? Or if the local farm stand was taxed per plant for the vegetables that they grow?  I am not familiar entirely with the laws regarding farm stands, but I have grown my own garden before, and no one from the city came to assess it, per plant, for tax purposes.

According to the Providence Journal, RI Governor Raimondo essentially wants to tax personal and small local cannabis growers in RI, per plant, by tagging those plants.  In fact, she wants to tax each and every plant not grown at a compassion center.  Proposed fees are $150 per plant for growing your own medicine,  and $350 dollars for caregivers who grow- for up to 5 patients.  This would essentially put small local growers out of business, put personal growing to a stop,  and force people to purchase their cannabis at larger centers.

Here is the article:

Whether you live in RI or not, please call the Governor’s office and let them know that this is an injustice.  Remember, while this may not be YOUR home state, but it very well could be. We are one human race.

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Wendy Love Edge

Phone number for the Governor’s  office:  401.222.2080


U.S. Government Patent on Medicinal Cannabis

The U.S. Government holds patent 6630507E1 on Cannabis used for medicinal purposes. Yet, they state that it has no medicinal purposes and does not cure anything. This is hypocrisy of the highest order.

Please call the White House comment line and ask the President to change the classification of medicinal cannabis from a schedule 1 drug.
The phone number is  202-456-1111



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Wendy Love Edge

Action Alert: 21st Century Cures Act

Action Alert: 21st Century Cures Act



We are urging you to read this release from Kevin Hall, Director of The Citizens Commission on Human Rights New England and take action!


Your Phone Calls and Faxes Needed 

to US Senate H.E.L.P. Committee Against the 21st Century Cures Act, H.R.6


Dear Health and Mental Health Care Safety Reform Supporter,

Your help is urgently needed in countering the 21st Century Cures Act. The act has been touted as a way to speed up the drug approval process and improve access to life saving treatments. In truth it is a huge gift to drug and device makers at taxpayer expense. This bill has already passed the US House of Representatives.

This bill is a direct threat to patient safety, erodes vital protections for human research subjects, threatens your medical privacy, and provides for rapid approval of medical devices like shock machines and deep brain stimulation devices without rigorous clinical trials.

This bill codifies fraudulent drug marketing schemes, that have already cost our country billions of dollars, into law.

Here are some talking points:

  • The 21st Century Cures Act threatens our safety by rushing drugs to market without adequate scientific testing. Patients have already been harmed by drugs that were rushed to market in such fashion. (google Vioxx if you need to.)
  • This bill erodes parental rights. Informed consent for human research could be bypassed if researchers decide the research involves no more than “minimal risk.” Minimal and risk are very subjective terms. Parents, patients, and not drug company funded researchers need to make the choice of whether or not a risk is acceptable. In this bill, pediatric research is one of the areas given priority.
  • In some cases allows medical devices, including shock treatment machines, deep brain stimulation devices, and others to be approved based not on clinical trials but on journal articles and case histories.
  • Codifies questionable and sometimes fraudulent off-label marketing practices into law. Such schemes have already cost state Medicaid programs billions.
  • Decreases transparency by hiding drug company payments to doctors for “continuing education” lectures.
  • This bill contains a “medical software” section that specifically mentions possible use of such software for monitoring adherence to medications.

We need phone calls to the members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. These are needed rapidly. The following Senators are on the committee.


Lamar Alexander (TN), Chair- (202) 224-4944

Patty Murray (WA), Ranking Member- (202) 224-2621

Michael B. Enzi (WY)- (202) 224-3424

Barbara Mikulski (MD)- (202) 224-4654

Richard Burr (NC)- (202) 224-3154

Bernie Sanders (VT)- (202) 224-5141

Johnny Isakson (GA)- (202) 224-3643

Robert P. Casey, Jr (PA)- (202) 224-6324

Rand Paul (KY)- (202) 224-4343

Al Franken (MN)- (202) 224-5641

Susan Collins (ME)- (202) 224-2523

Michael F. Bennet (CO)- (202) 224-5852

Lisa Murkowski (AK)- (202) 224-6665

Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)- (202) 224-2921

Mark Kirk (IL)- (202)224-2854  

Tammy Baldwin (WI)- (202) 224-5653

Tim Scott (SC)- (202) 224-6121

Christopher S. Murphy (CT)- (202) 224-4041

Orrin Hatch (UT)- (202) 224-5251

Elizabeth Warren (MA)- (202) 224-4543

Pat Roberts (KS)- (202) 224-4774

Bill Cassidy, M.D. (LA)- (202) 224-5824


Tell them you oppose this bill, briefly why you do, and that they should oppose it too. The name of the bill is the 21st Century Cures Act.  Let them know that while you understand the concept of allowing people with terminal conditions the right to access experimental drugs, this bill opens this up to psychiatric conditions and other conditions that are absolutely not life and death.  The bill calls for putting these drugs on the market and then monitoring “patient experience.”   In essence, Americans becomes the world’s test subjects. Let them know you oppose this bill and any other bill like it that may be written.


Thanks very much Kevin Hall for providing us with this information.


Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge


BHS Episode #23 Dr. Benjamin Ozanne, Chiropractor

Please watch this episode of The Bulldozer Health Show.  Lots of information about how useful chiropractic can be for numerous conditions including depression, pain, digestive problems and more.


Thanks so much to Dr. Ozanne for being on the show!

You can reach him in Fayetteville, Arkansas at Ozanne Family Chiropractic, 479.439.8121

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Wendy Love Edge

Take back your health America!

You can reach our Producer Angela Oxygen Edge on Twitter: @oxygenedge

BHS: Episode 22: Dr Sue Sisley and Butch Williams


In this episode Wendy discusses with Dr. Sue Sisley, the study she will be conducting that has been funded by the FDA. This is the only study that the FDA has funded to research use of medicinal cannabis in Veterans with PTSD.  She has been waiting for the product to use for the study from The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for 18 months now, and this is the only place she can receive the medicine from to perform this research.  Typically NIDA only looks at things like addiction potential and harmful effects of marijuana. This is one of the many reasons this study is groundbreaking and needs to happen!

Please write to your Congressman, the FDA, and NIDA to request that the medicine be released and stop holding back Dr. Sue Sisley’s study.

Thanks very much to Dr. Sisley and Butch Williams for joining me on the show.

And thanks for watching here:

Take back your health America!
Wendy Love Edge

Contact NIDA here:

Producer: Angela Oxygen Edge can be reached on Twitter: @oxygenedge

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Metastatic Breast Cancer, the True Killer

Breast cancer awareness month started today.  I know that, because suddenly everything is pink.  People are purchasing pink items, wearing pink items and selling pink items.  I have wondered for a long time, how much of the money people spend to “go pink” goes to find a cure for breast cancer?  How much goes to the patients who desperately need it?  This is what I learned:  Any company can put a pink ribbon on its products.  The pink ribbon is a recognized symbol, but it isn’t regulated, and anyone can use it.  Seeing it on an item, does not mean that the money generated from it combats breast cancer.  Also, it in no way shows that the product itself is free of carcinogens.

As if these truths aren’t disturbing enough, I also learned this. Breast cancer deaths are actually occurring because of metastasis, not the breast cancer itself.  That is to say, that nearly 100% of people who have metastatic breast cancer will die from it in the U.S.  Despite this, here is another startling fact I got from Metavivor (, “The popular breast cancer fundraising movements give on average only 2% of their research funds to researching metastasis. Instead, their primary focus is on prevention, which does nothing to help those already diagnosed, and early detection, which does not impact those facing the ultimate death sentence of stage 4 breast cancer. And while only 6% – 10% of initial breast cancer diagnoses are metastatic, 30% of patients diagnosed with earlier stage breast cancer will eventually develop stage 4 breast cancer and die”.

These facts made me outraged and curious enough to do a little more research.  I found that, for example, organizations like the well-known Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation, which  has been under attack for some time for giving a small percentage of the funds donated to the “cure” and a large share of their funds to salaries and operations, does appear to only give a small percentage to research for the cure. And despite having the words “for the cure” in their name, they devote a lot of their funds to prevention, education, and screenings, not “the cure”.  This is very disturbing and misleading,  especially in light of the fact that Susan G. Komen herself died of metastatic breast cancer.

Here are some more facts from the Metavivor website

“There has been a huge push for breast cancer awareness in the past two decades, with a tremendous focus on prevention and early detection. We wish these efforts had been successful. But the simple truth is that after two decades and billions of dollars, breast cancer has not been prevented and early detection has proven no guarantee against metastasis and death.  And while these billions have been focused elsewhere, almost 1,000,000 American women and men have died while waiting for research funds to finally be shifted to metastasis research. This tragic truth is lost in the sea of pink promotions.  We cannot and will not allow this to go on.”

” We cannot allow this to go on”, is right.  While I see the enthusiasm building for breast cancer month, I cringe at the fact that the good intentions and resources of so many people may be wasted on putting money into purchasing items that they think go to breast cancer cures and research when it doesn’t.  If you are unsure where to put your dollars, or your energy for this cause, check out two organizations first:

Please consider all of the people who are dying, who truly need your support. Please put less energy into sporting pink clothing and a pink ribbon this month, and more energy and resources into finding the cure for stage IV metastatic breast cancer and the patients who already have it.  Your pink is lovely, and my favorite color actually.  But it is likely that it is simply something pretty to look at, and not helping with a cure. In fact it could contain carcinogens, or have been produced in a way that creates carcinogens. Arm yourself with the truth, and your conscience will lead you.

Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge

Please repost this blog #iamsusan for all who are suffering and dying from stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Thank you.

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METAvivor is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer. METAvivor three missions: 1) Awrd research grants for metastatic breast cancer; 2) support persons with metastatic breast cancer and 3) promote awareness of metastatic breast cancer.
For Breast Cancer Month, please donate to:
Donations to METAvivor can be made as follows:
1. A Write-In for United Way (Specify: METAvivor Research and Support Inc.)
2. Combined Federal Campaign (Code: 65385)
3. Check made out to METAvivor and mailed to: 1783 Forest Dr. #184, Annapolis MD 21401.
4. Paypal donation over the METAvivor website at

The Bulldozer Health Show Episode #19: The Jay Morris Interview

Please watch this very special episode of The Bulldozer Health Show, during which Jay Morris interviews Wendy Love Edge. We are so honored to have Jay Morris do this interview!

Jay is a blogger and activist for human rights and social justice. She is the former state lead of GetEQUAL Texas and continues to work in activism at the grassroots level. She has been a contributing writer for the GLAAD Media Award winning blog, The New Civil Rights Movement, and has written for numerous local, national and international publications on social justice issues.

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Wendy Love Edge