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Please listen to “The Girls Hour” Podcast. In this episode the girls interview Ari from ARIBAND and Jori Costello from Jorian Oxygen.  They also discuss the upcoming Take back your health America benefit concert in Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1st 2016.



Wendy Love Edge

The Girls Hour w/guest Wendy Love Edge

Please listen to The Girls Hour with guest Wendy Love Edge. This podcast was so much fun!

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Opiate Addiction can be Curtailed with Cannabis: One Story

alone twitter6According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the majority of drug overdoses in the U.S. stem from prescription opioids and heroin. In fact, in 2014 more people died from drug overdoses than any other year on record. Today the CDC estimates that 78 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.  Yet they are still being prescribed to people on a daily basis.

I know first hand how this goes. I have lived with chronic pain and fatigue most of my adult life. Around 2003 I was given a prescription for Vicodin for pain management by a qualified physician.  I had suffered with psoriatic arthritis pain and joint problems for a long time when I was given this prescription to take the drug 2- 3 times a day.  I thought it was Heaven sent.  I could work as much as I wanted as long as I had the Vicodin on board.  I took it not only for pain, but it seemed to increase my energy levels.  I was hooked. No one ever talked with me about addiction or about the fact that this drug was just simply masking problems in my body.  It was allowing me to shut out my body’s pleas for help. But all I knew was that it took away the pain, and gave me more energy.

Then muscle relaxers, or benzodiazepines, were added for nighttime use to help relax my muscles and help me sleep.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs were also added during the day.  The doctor did not review the side effects or warnings regarding these drugs.  They simply told me that the drugs would help.  Sure, I could have looked that all up myself, but frankly I was working 50-60 hours a week, raising a family and trying to keep my house in some sort of order.  So I just blindly followed what the doctors were prescribing and telling me.   I was already a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Boston University in a health field.  I hadn’t just stepped off of the turnip truck.  I just wanted to be able to continue with my life with as little pain as possible.  Like many people, I didn’t understand what true health was, or that a quick fix wasn’t really a fix.  I wanted to go to the Doctor and have him do something to me, give me something that would help me keep going with as little bother on my end as possible. I was a very busy woman.

The doctors prescribed  other drugs too.  Sometimes I still needed a short course of steroids.  And then there were the biologic drugs,  such as Enbrel, Humira and Remicade. The doctors had me try them all to see what would work best based on my subjective reports and the blood work and MRI tests they ordered.  I ignored the strict warnings on the drugs inserts about cancer and lowering one’s immune system.  The Remicade worked the best overall for reducing my symptoms.  I would go to the hospital to have it delivered by infusion, amongst cancer patients receiving chemotherapy drugs. I wasn’t thinking about the future or about the long-term negative effects that this regimen was causing in my body. On occasion, I would think about how ironic it was that I was receiving a drug that was known to cause cancer, amongst patients receiving chemotherapy infusions.  Then I would put it out of my mind, because I wanted to be able to work and do the daily activities that seemed more important than some distant possible cancer or the fact that my body might not be able to fight off a serious illness.  This drug, along with the opioids,  was what seemed to work to keep me going.  In time, they had to increase the Vicodin dosage and frequency.  I figured it just went with the territory.  I had no idea I was addicted to opioids, or that my doctors had created this pain cycle in my body that would have to be stepped up once I became sicker in 2011.

So when they told me I would die in 2011, and placed me on high doses of steroids and chemotherapy to treat dermatomyositis, I wasn’t worried when they also switched the pain pills to Percocet and Morphine. My pain had worsened, almost to an unbearable level. I needed something more.  I then became completely snowed and  addicted and I didn’t even know that was the case, until two years later.

When I started taking back my health in 2013, I started to  withdraw from the prescription drugs including the Percocet and Morphine.  This was  when I realized just how addicted my body and mind were to the prescribed drugs I was taking.   The withdrawal symptoms hit hard. I was shaking and sweating almost constantly.  I had shooting pains down my arms and legs.  I couldn’t complete a thought without my mind racing. The years of Vicodin use, and then the Percocet and Morphine had taken their toll.  I could see why people turned to Heroin when Doctors carelessly removed a patient’s ability to obtain opioid drugs like Percocet because they suspected that either  the patient was not taking it as prescribed, or selling it.  And doctors, who take an oath to do no harm, so easily put patients in this position. Thankfully, withdrawal from the drugs was my choice. I was ready to accept the consequences of my choice. But I was in the depths of Hell.

I had other drugs to withdraw from also.  Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Valium, and Xanax to name just a few.  I had been placed on 16 different pharmaceutical drugs during the illness that nearly took my life.  I wanted to see if I could get off of most of them, to see  how my body could function without all of those chemicals.  I had changed my mind and decided I could be healthier, and that was what drove me forward.  That, and the desire to live a good life, not one addicted to prescription drugs.  Not one that brought me to the hospital almost every month. Not a life that was just simply living in survival mode.  It was beyond difficult, but I knew I was on the right path, if I could just get through this devastatingly horrible withdrawal.

Then  a friend suggested I use cannabis, to not only help with withdrawal symptoms, but to heal some of the dis-ease in my body.  The friend suggested that it would treat pain and inflammation, depression, anxiety, neuropathy and more.  I looked it up and realized that they were right. It could treat all of those things and more. I had only smoked cannabis recreationally as a teenager, and had no idea it was also medicinal.  After a couple weeks of withdrawal Hell without the cannabis, I decided to try some of the cannabis medicine with my friend.   I really had nothing to lose. To my surprise, the pain, the sweating, the shaking and the shooting pains diminished to a very tolerable level that afternoon. My friend encouraged me to use more, and when I did the symptoms disappeared. Most marked, was the pain disappearing, and the anxiety reduction to a tolerable level. Just like that,  I knew this was my all natural medicine alternative to all of those drugs. The withdrawal process went much smoother after that.  In fact, I came off of 7 drugs in 30 days. Then, I became a legal cannabis patient in the fall of 2013 in Massachusetts. I felt very fortunate that I lived in a state where I could do that.   The legal caregiver I then obtained reviewed all of my diseases and symptoms, and tailored the medicine to what I needed for my health.  The pain and anxiety were continuing to lessen. I had strains of cannabis for sleep, for pain, for energy and more.  My true healing journey had begun.

Today I continue my journey in taking back my health which includes nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, cannabis, vitamins, herbal treatments and more.  I am opiate, antidepressant, benzodiazepine, and anxiolitic free because cannabis is working in my body to heal all of the things that the drugs I was previously on were just masking.   Use of this natural drug builds on itself positively in the body over time.

Positive health change is possible for everyone with proper education and access.  Pharmaceutical drugs do have their place.  Opioids have their place even, especially in acute situations.  But patients must be educated, and everyone needs access to all alternative health methods including cannabis for true proper health.  While I feel ending cannabis prohibition is really the best choice, legalizing it medically in all states is a step in the right direction. Below, you will see a list of those states who will have it on the ballot in 2016.  It is my belief that until cannabis and other alternative health methods are available to everyone, none of us are truly free, and this horrific opiate epidemic will continue.  We must all demand better.

Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge


Which States Are Going To Be Voting On Marijuana Reform In November 2016? | The Weed Blog

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BHS PODCAST: Episode 31 Music Therapy w/ Michael Kenny

Please watch, like and share this episode of The Bulldozer Health Show with Michael Kenny. This episode explores music therapy, and specifically TaKeTina.

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Fayetteville AR: Helping a Community Member

Please watch and share this video about how Bulldozer Health Inc. is helping Charles Shelley and others like him who can’t afford alternative health care, and are in need.

If you are in Fayetteville Arkansas, please join us January 22nd and 23rd at Nomads Music Lounge for a benefit concert.

And download “There’s No Place Quite Like Home” by Nate Hancock and the Declaration at


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Podcast #26: Epsom Salts and Float

The latest episode of The Bulldozer Health Show is now ready for you to view!

In this episode, Wendy Love Edge interviews Sally Ghanim from Therapods Float Spa in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


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Action Alert: 21st Century Cures Act

Action Alert: 21st Century Cures Act



We are urging you to read this release from Kevin Hall, Director of The Citizens Commission on Human Rights New England and take action!


Your Phone Calls and Faxes Needed 

to US Senate H.E.L.P. Committee Against the 21st Century Cures Act, H.R.6


Dear Health and Mental Health Care Safety Reform Supporter,

Your help is urgently needed in countering the 21st Century Cures Act. The act has been touted as a way to speed up the drug approval process and improve access to life saving treatments. In truth it is a huge gift to drug and device makers at taxpayer expense. This bill has already passed the US House of Representatives.

This bill is a direct threat to patient safety, erodes vital protections for human research subjects, threatens your medical privacy, and provides for rapid approval of medical devices like shock machines and deep brain stimulation devices without rigorous clinical trials.

This bill codifies fraudulent drug marketing schemes, that have already cost our country billions of dollars, into law.

Here are some talking points:

  • The 21st Century Cures Act threatens our safety by rushing drugs to market without adequate scientific testing. Patients have already been harmed by drugs that were rushed to market in such fashion. (google Vioxx if you need to.)
  • This bill erodes parental rights. Informed consent for human research could be bypassed if researchers decide the research involves no more than “minimal risk.” Minimal and risk are very subjective terms. Parents, patients, and not drug company funded researchers need to make the choice of whether or not a risk is acceptable. In this bill, pediatric research is one of the areas given priority.
  • In some cases allows medical devices, including shock treatment machines, deep brain stimulation devices, and others to be approved based not on clinical trials but on journal articles and case histories.
  • Codifies questionable and sometimes fraudulent off-label marketing practices into law. Such schemes have already cost state Medicaid programs billions.
  • Decreases transparency by hiding drug company payments to doctors for “continuing education” lectures.
  • This bill contains a “medical software” section that specifically mentions possible use of such software for monitoring adherence to medications.

We need phone calls to the members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. These are needed rapidly. The following Senators are on the committee.


Lamar Alexander (TN), Chair- (202) 224-4944

Patty Murray (WA), Ranking Member- (202) 224-2621

Michael B. Enzi (WY)- (202) 224-3424

Barbara Mikulski (MD)- (202) 224-4654

Richard Burr (NC)- (202) 224-3154

Bernie Sanders (VT)- (202) 224-5141

Johnny Isakson (GA)- (202) 224-3643

Robert P. Casey, Jr (PA)- (202) 224-6324

Rand Paul (KY)- (202) 224-4343

Al Franken (MN)- (202) 224-5641

Susan Collins (ME)- (202) 224-2523

Michael F. Bennet (CO)- (202) 224-5852

Lisa Murkowski (AK)- (202) 224-6665

Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)- (202) 224-2921

Mark Kirk (IL)- (202)224-2854  

Tammy Baldwin (WI)- (202) 224-5653

Tim Scott (SC)- (202) 224-6121

Christopher S. Murphy (CT)- (202) 224-4041

Orrin Hatch (UT)- (202) 224-5251

Elizabeth Warren (MA)- (202) 224-4543

Pat Roberts (KS)- (202) 224-4774

Bill Cassidy, M.D. (LA)- (202) 224-5824


Tell them you oppose this bill, briefly why you do, and that they should oppose it too. The name of the bill is the 21st Century Cures Act.  Let them know that while you understand the concept of allowing people with terminal conditions the right to access experimental drugs, this bill opens this up to psychiatric conditions and other conditions that are absolutely not life and death.  The bill calls for putting these drugs on the market and then monitoring “patient experience.”   In essence, Americans becomes the world’s test subjects. Let them know you oppose this bill and any other bill like it that may be written.


Thanks very much Kevin Hall for providing us with this information.


Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Metastatic Breast Cancer, the True Killer

Breast cancer awareness month started today.  I know that, because suddenly everything is pink.  People are purchasing pink items, wearing pink items and selling pink items.  I have wondered for a long time, how much of the money people spend to “go pink” goes to find a cure for breast cancer?  How much goes to the patients who desperately need it?  This is what I learned:  Any company can put a pink ribbon on its products.  The pink ribbon is a recognized symbol, but it isn’t regulated, and anyone can use it.  Seeing it on an item, does not mean that the money generated from it combats breast cancer.  Also, it in no way shows that the product itself is free of carcinogens.

As if these truths aren’t disturbing enough, I also learned this. Breast cancer deaths are actually occurring because of metastasis, not the breast cancer itself.  That is to say, that nearly 100% of people who have metastatic breast cancer will die from it in the U.S.  Despite this, here is another startling fact I got from Metavivor (, “The popular breast cancer fundraising movements give on average only 2% of their research funds to researching metastasis. Instead, their primary focus is on prevention, which does nothing to help those already diagnosed, and early detection, which does not impact those facing the ultimate death sentence of stage 4 breast cancer. And while only 6% – 10% of initial breast cancer diagnoses are metastatic, 30% of patients diagnosed with earlier stage breast cancer will eventually develop stage 4 breast cancer and die”.

These facts made me outraged and curious enough to do a little more research.  I found that, for example, organizations like the well-known Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation, which  has been under attack for some time for giving a small percentage of the funds donated to the “cure” and a large share of their funds to salaries and operations, does appear to only give a small percentage to research for the cure. And despite having the words “for the cure” in their name, they devote a lot of their funds to prevention, education, and screenings, not “the cure”.  This is very disturbing and misleading,  especially in light of the fact that Susan G. Komen herself died of metastatic breast cancer.

Here are some more facts from the Metavivor website

“There has been a huge push for breast cancer awareness in the past two decades, with a tremendous focus on prevention and early detection. We wish these efforts had been successful. But the simple truth is that after two decades and billions of dollars, breast cancer has not been prevented and early detection has proven no guarantee against metastasis and death.  And while these billions have been focused elsewhere, almost 1,000,000 American women and men have died while waiting for research funds to finally be shifted to metastasis research. This tragic truth is lost in the sea of pink promotions.  We cannot and will not allow this to go on.”

” We cannot allow this to go on”, is right.  While I see the enthusiasm building for breast cancer month, I cringe at the fact that the good intentions and resources of so many people may be wasted on putting money into purchasing items that they think go to breast cancer cures and research when it doesn’t.  If you are unsure where to put your dollars, or your energy for this cause, check out two organizations first:

Please consider all of the people who are dying, who truly need your support. Please put less energy into sporting pink clothing and a pink ribbon this month, and more energy and resources into finding the cure for stage IV metastatic breast cancer and the patients who already have it.  Your pink is lovely, and my favorite color actually.  But it is likely that it is simply something pretty to look at, and not helping with a cure. In fact it could contain carcinogens, or have been produced in a way that creates carcinogens. Arm yourself with the truth, and your conscience will lead you.

Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge

Please repost this blog #iamsusan for all who are suffering and dying from stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Thank you.

untitled (9)

METAvivor is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer. METAvivor three missions: 1) Awrd research grants for metastatic breast cancer; 2) support persons with metastatic breast cancer and 3) promote awareness of metastatic breast cancer.
For Breast Cancer Month, please donate to:
Donations to METAvivor can be made as follows:
1. A Write-In for United Way (Specify: METAvivor Research and Support Inc.)
2. Combined Federal Campaign (Code: 65385)
3. Check made out to METAvivor and mailed to: 1783 Forest Dr. #184, Annapolis MD 21401.
4. Paypal donation over the METAvivor website at