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Free Yourself from Pain and Tension

Empowerment in one’s own health and one’s health choices is a process.

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In fact, it starts with making a decision to change your mind to the positive, and then proceeds to becoming mindful of everything that you do, everything you say and think about yourself, everything that you eat, how much rest you give yourself, how much you move your body, and so on. It can be overwhelming at times. The truth is though, once you have awakened this part of you, it is nearly impossible to shut it off. It is a complete lifestyle change where you are in charge and in the drivers seat of your health. This, while as I said can be overwhelming, also feels very, very good. It lifts you up to a higher state of being.
I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I realized too, that with the changing my mind and deciding I could be healthy and well, also came this immense self-love. This may be an ingredient that has to start with a seed and grow slowly as one becomes empowered in all of their life choices and health choices. It is however, an ingredient that is necessary. Because the desire to make changes, live well, and become a healthy individual is a journey. This journey takes perseverance and patience and one has to know that they are worth it to continue. I know you are worth it. If you are reading this, you are wanting to be free of pain and tension and you are wanting better for yourself. That may just be the seed that you need of your own self-love to the start of your journey. Or maybe you have just hit a stumbling block, and needed a little pep talk. Well here ya go:
You are capable of growth and positive change. Your body, under the right conditions, will heal itself, and you in all of your power can free yourself from pain and tension too. You are complete, beautiful, perfect, and whole just as you are. Let go of the pain and tension, and free yourself!

Wendy Love Edge
Take back your health America!

Try this meditation:

Medical Kidnap: Crimes Against America’s Children


Please consider helping us to fund this project. We want to make a documentary about the issue of Medical Kidnapping of children in the U.S. Thank you.
Wendy Love Edge

Emotions will affect your heart health!

There are many links between an individuals emotional state and their health. This blog will focus on the heart, because the heart is a vital organ to health that most certainly is affected by our emotions. In fact in Chinese medicine, the heart is the ruler or Emperor of the body, containing it’s “Shen” or Spirit. I am not an expert by any means in Chinese medicine, however, I was informed about this from a very reliable friend and acupuncturist some years ago. It totally makes sense to me, as I have seen how my heart is affected when my emotions are flared. Just think about the phrase, “heart-sick”. If you have felt it in your life, it may elicit a physical and emotional response even now. You feel it in the heart area of the chest, and it seems to pour into every area of the body. Depression and loneliness, and even losing a love, can sure make the heart feel heavy and even painful. Anger can also transform the heart. Have you ever felt pain in your heart when your anger goes through the roof and you “see red”? Again, a phrase that displays the real life heart health affect of emotions. And positive emotions also affect the heart. Have you ever really enjoyed something or someone and said, “You make my heart sing” or “That makes my heart sing”? Again, some phrases displaying how the heart is affected by our emotions.
So how can one protect their heart from emotions contributing to decline of heart health? After years of having my heart affected by emotions, I have come up with a few exercises that I feel have helped me when I am in a situation where I know my heart is being affected.
Here they are:
1. Reach out to friends and family. These days, we may not have family close, but typically we have at least one friend who we can reach out to and talk about our loneliness, depression, or “heart sick” feeling. This may not be comfortable at first, especially if you are not one to talk about your feelings. If that is the case, sometimes just connecting with someone, getting out of the house, or having a laugh or two with a close friend will break the cycle. I am aware that is very hard to do sometimes for some people. In this case have a plan in place. Talk to one or two people you are close to when things are good, about the fact that it is hard for you to reach out when you are in pain emotionally. This way you have set the stage and felt them out as to whether they will grab your hand if you are falling. Many times a person will say in response, “I know how that can feel. You can contact me if you need support”. If they don’t, bite the bullet and ask them if they can be your person. It won’t hurt anything, and they will say yes or no, and then you will know. If they say no, don’t feel bad. It’s better to know ahead of time who can be there for you in these situations.

2. Positive affirmations about yourself and your life are vitally important. We are what we say we are and what we think we are. When you are feeling well, make a booklet of positive heart health affirmations for yourself. Add in positive life affirmations. You can have one on a page or several on a page. If you like to draw or paint as well on each page. Label the cover of your book, “Heart Health”.
If you are feeling low, depressed, angry, overly elated, or broken-hearted, grab your book and say each affirmation aloud. Some examples of affirmations are: My heart is whole and healthy. My heart works perfectly for the health of my body. I am whole and happy just as I am. My life gives me opportunities for growth. I am a perfect and beautiful being. I am healthy. These are just examples and you can find more online. You could also sit quietly with yourself and ask the Universe to give you some positive statements for your book.

3. Visualizing yourself whole, happy and healthy. This is a meditation that you can do, to keep yourself grounded, even-tempered, and with good boundaries. If you have someone in your life that you can’t stop thinking about but it is hurting you, you can visualize them as completely separate from you and not affecting you in any way. If they have specifically hurt you and it is eating away at you, you can talk to them about it without them even being there for your own piece of mind. Sit quietly, close your eyes and do not cross your arms or legs. Breathe quietly for a few moments. Picture yourself happy, whole and alone. Sit with this image for a moment. Now picture the person across the room, but they are in a glass box. They cannot reach you for any reason. You tell them what you need to, and no matter what they feel about it, they cannot come out of their glass box. You can see them, but they cannot reach you. Once you have accomplished this, notice any pain or imbalances in your body. Breathe through them. Try not to focus on what your mind creates as their reaction, because that is all it is, a creation of your mind. You are whole and happy. You have gotten what you had to say “off of your chest”, literally. You are complete and balanced. Stay with the image of yourself in your mind until you see yourself whole and happy again, and you have no bodily symptoms of emotional upheaval, sadness or anger. Breathe. Breathe again. When you have accomplished feeling relaxed, whole and healthy, visualize the person and the glass box is gone. Now you are alone, and you are still healthy, whole and happy.

We are in control of our body, mind and Spirit. That said, sometimes our emotions can run away with us due to life’s happenings and we feel it in our heart. In those times, it is my hope that you will find some peace and balance utilizing some of the exercises that I have presented. When they work for you, it will allow you to listen to your logical mind and connect it to your heart, for it’s health. For your health.

Wendy Love Edge
Take back your health!


Bulldozer Health Show Episode 7: Exercise and Motivation for Exercise

In this episode, Wendy Love Edge discusses exercise and motivation for exercise If you are having trouble keeping your body moving, this will help.

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The Bulldozer Health Show Podcast is now self produced by Bulldozer Health Inc. The producer is Angela “Oxygen” Edge. You can reach Angela at yourtruthsetfree.com or on Twitter @oxygenedge

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Take back your health America!

Why are we called “Bulldozer Health”?

Many people ask why is the company called “Bulldozer Health”?  This is a very good question, as  a bulldozer does not immediately conjure up  a picture of health and wellness in our minds.  There are several reasons why the company is called Bulldozer Health.

Firstly, I, the creator and founder of this health care reform initiative, feel that I was bulldozed by the medical establishment and by pharmaceutical medications.  What I mean by bulldozed, is that I was brainwashed to believe that they had my best interest in mind. I think it is possible that their illusions run so deep that they thought that too.  While I  do believe that doctors enter the medical profession with good intentions, that can change through their education, the system and the pharmaceutical companies.  When a doctor told me three separate times that I was going to die, he did so without regard for the fact that in his white coat with his degrees on the wall, his words were very powerful.  And his words came so clearly and easily that I bought it, and my family bought it too.  We put our trust and faith in our doctors.  But what I know now is that they are frequently brainwashed and sold to the pharmaceutical companies to peddle poison into our bodies.  Even though my grandmother Rose taught me well not to believe everything I see or hear or read, I was bulldozed by doctors.  Because they are in a position of power over us, and hold special knowledge.  They take an oath that I thought protected me from them doing harm.  The definition of that has changed a lot though since the pharmaceutical companies came into full power.  In turn, the medical establishment has changed drastically too since I was a little girl and certainly since my grandmother Rose was growing up. Make no mistake, in America, doctors are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies.  That  means that treating with pharmaceutical medications is the first step they often will take in most situations, instead of using them as a last resort.  Just watch the pharmaceutical advertisements on television for prescription drugs.  You can use medication for everything from weight loss to laughing too much.

As for the pharmaceuticals themselves, being placed  on 16 prescribed pills and injections, I couldn’t help but be bulldozed.  It was like someone put a veil over my eyes and pumped fog into my brain.  I thought I was doing the right thing because the doctors had already bulldozed my mind, and then my mind was bulldozed by all the medication.  The truth that I know now, is that though they told me I needed the medicine to survive. when anyone is on more than two medications the doctors have no idea how they are interacting in your body.  And they were not looking for another solution that might keep me well and healthy.  So I had to do it.  To find myself, my health and wellness and determine what I had left of  my mind and body, I had to come out from under all that medicine.  I had to bulldoze the medicine out of me in the safest way possible.

Lastly, I had to become like a bulldozer.  If I was going to live a good life, I was going to have to pick up momentum for my health and well-being.  I had to find better alternatives to treat my 4 autoimmune diseases. I needed alternatives that would not only treat my body, but heal it.  Like a bulldozer I pressed on forward and never took no for an answer.  I still battle my illnesses, but I do it in a way that I can live with.  I use organic, natural remedies.  I eat well, exercise and rest.  I work on my mind all the time seeking the positive  through meditation and positive thinking.  If I falter on any of these things, my health suffers.  I put my health in my own hands and like a bulldozer I press on taking with me anyone in my path as far as my strength can take them.

I am working daily to inspire others to look at where they are being bulldozed and shatter those illusions with truth and health alternatives.  I want  everyone to find wellness and peace.   My team of volunteers and I will reach every American, and ask them to take back their health.  For life is not only to be lived, but to be lived well.

Bulldozer on!

Wendy Love Edge

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