Fayetteville AR: Helping a Community Member

Please watch and share this video about how Bulldozer Health Inc. is helping Charles Shelley and others like him who can’t afford alternative health care, and are in need.

If you are in Fayetteville Arkansas, please join us January 22nd and 23rd at Nomads Music Lounge for a benefit concert.

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Take back your health America!
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Health Empowerment and Action

Let’s start with some definitions: Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.
Action is something done or performed; an act; a deed. It is also an act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity.
It follows then, that empowerment requires some action. It is a process. And it is the action that creates desired outcomes.

We all have the capacity to become empowered in our health. This doesn’t mean that our physical or emotional issues disappear, or that we can wish them away or simply decide that they are gone.
Don’t get me wrong. I talk a lot about “changing your mind” to the positive and deciding to be healthy and well. I strongly believe that this is an essential ingredient to making a change for the better in one’s health and well-being. That said, it isn’t a “magical” process, or a process of denial. It is using the power of the mind in your favor to create movement. That is to say, action, is also a necessary ingredient.

Once you have changed your mind to the positive, you still must address the health issues your body and mind may have in order to achieve good health. Being empowered in one’s health, means being honest with yourself about your issues, facing them head on, and doing what needs to be done.

I wanted to make this point because I have been hearing a lot from people who state that they feel upset when someone who uses natural methods of healing suggests that all they have to do is wish away their physical or mental/emotional issues. This also makes me upset because this isn’t a magical recipe. You can’t just wish away your issues and problems. You can become open and willing to try different avenues to good health and well-being. You can educate yourself about what options are available to you. You can believe you can find health, become more positive, and search for answers until you have exhausted all options.

Empowerment in health means you are in the position of power when it comes to your own health. Simply choosing to be healthy IS important, but it must be coupled with action.

Take back your health America!
Wendy Love Edge

Bulldozer Health Show Podcast Episode #9 Disappearing Medical Freedoms

Please listen to episode 9 of The Bulldozer Health Show “Disappearing Medical Freedoms”

The Bulldozer Health Show is produced by Angela “Oxygen” Edge. You can reach Oxygen on Twitter @oxygenedge
The music is “wake up” by Angela Oxygen Edge

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Wendy Love Edge
Take back your health America

Bulldozer Health Show Podcast Episode #8 Focus and Find Your Path

Listen to The Bulldozer Health Show Episode #8
In this episode Wendy Love Edge discusses ways to help you find your path in life through meditation to focus and stay in the moment, as well as other ideas.

bulldozer health v2

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The Bulldozer Health Show is now self produced. The producer is Angela “Oxygen” Edge. Music is “Wake up” by Angela “Oxygen” Edge
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Stop the Bulldozering! Take back your health America!

When I was on 16 pharmaceutical medications, I was completely bulldozed. I didn’t know just how snowed I was. Then, when I weaned off of all the pharmaceutical medicine and finished my withdrawal process, I began to wake up. I woke up to a world that I didn’t understand. Our food supply is more damaged than I remember. People don’t seem to have the same opportunities, earning abilities, or ability to take care of their families. Prices on everything that people need has skyrocketed. Worst of all, however, is the truth that our choices have been, and continue to be, taken away from us. Every day, I am baffled and saddened by another story of freedom of choice being removed from an individual.
First there is the story of Benton Mackenzie, and others like him. Simply, because of geography, he was denied medicinal cannabis. This medicine was saving his life. He was living in a state where cannabis is not legalized. Prohibition of cannabis still exists everywhere. So because of these facts, he was not only denied the medicine that would save his life, but he was treated like a criminal. I regret, and am deeply saddened to say, he has died.
To avoid the devastating reality I just discussed, some people move to a state where they can legally obtain their medicine if they find themselves in this predicament. Why should Americans have to move away from their loved ones to save their own lives, simply because they cannot legally obtain the medicine they need in their home state? That said, it must also be recognized that many people are too ill to move and the choice is just completely removed from their radar. So this is not the answer.
Then, there is medical kidnapping. I have been following the stories of Justina, Isaiah, Jaxon, and many others. These children were taken from their families by the medical system. This happened, because their parents did not agree with the course of action the medical professionals were prescribing. Often times, it has come down to pharmaceutical use. There is even a case of forced chemotherapy to a 17-year-old girl. She herself doesn’t want it, nor do her parents want it. But the physicians want her to have it, and have been allowed to force her to have it.
I ask myself daily, what country am I living in? What about opportunity, making your own way, and having freedoms to choose? Where did these concepts go? How is it that we have allowed big pharma to brainwash our medical professionals, including our physicians, into believing that their products are the only way? How is it that we have given them so much power, that the physicians who took an oath to “do no harm”, can remove children from their own parents and homes into state institutions so that they can be open to abuse and suffering? And somehow the idea that being at home with loved ones when you are sick is thrown out the window. I am sure that the medical establishment is aware that emotional upheaval has a negative effect on health. And yet, they rip children from their parents against their will, to administer pharmaceutical medication with multiple side effects. Then they expect that they will improve. There is no logic or reason in this.
I have been thinking about the fact that a little over 20 years ago Merck pharmaceuticals set out to have every American on at least one pharmaceutical medication. This coupled with the fact that these medications alter our brain chemistry and numb us to the world around us, deeply concerns me. If I was so easily bulldozed, and recognize how foggy and not present I was on the pharmaceutical medications, I can only imagine that many people are in this state. They are numbed to the world, without even knowing it. This only makes it easier for our freedoms, opportunity and rights to be taken away from us.
I think it is extremely important to do one’s own pharmaceutical review and be sure that for the medicine being ingested, the benefit outweighs the risk. It is important to research all pharmaceutical medications that are prescribed to us, and ask questions of our physicians.
I recognize that there are many instances where pharmaceutical medications are necessary and needed. But it is important to look at all options, and fight for one’s own freedom and ability to choose. We must also fight for our children and protect them at all costs. All of our children. Not just those related to us. But if one is a parent, one must have the right to choose what is best for their own children. If we hand over those rights to any establishment, whether it is the state, the medical community, or big Pharma, for instance, aren’t we are doing them a huge disservice in life? Of course we are. We are, because then we are teaching them that they are powerless and that their opinions about their own health and well-being are inconsequential. I know that is not the message I want for my children. I want them to be empowered in life, and especially in their own health choices.
We must stop all the Bulldozering! We must make sure every American knows what is available to them and has access to it. There has been so much angst over the Affordable Care Act. The truth is, this act still only gives access to pills, tests and surgery. A bigger change is needed. We all need to look at what is happening in the world, and stand up for what is right. Stand up for our own freedom, our freedom to choose for ourselves and our children, and our own empowerment.

Take back your health America!
Wendy Love Edge

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Change your mind: Find your path this year!

It’s a new year, and there are many opportunities to make the life that you want. You can realize what your true path is!
Society attempts to mold us all into a box with labels and all, so that other people can feel comfortable. People feel comfortable in a family, for instance, when they see that others are “like them”. This is flawed thinking though. It is flawed because even if we grow up in the same family, we are still all individuals. We are all a product of our genetics, background, family, intelligence, experiences and more. So even in the same family, every single one of us is different. Thanks goodness! Because doesn’t life become richer, when we meet and know all different kinds of people? For me, it is especially those people outside “the box” who teach me new things and challenge me. It seems to be, that outside of that box is where all the action is. Where all the discoveries are made.
Now I am not knocking those who enjoy life “inside the box”. If that is what you truly want, and is your true path, then that is where you’ll be most happy. But how do you know where you will be most happy? Many people don’t take the time to figure that out, they seem to just follow where other family members and friends are going. We are after all herd animals. But if you really want to figure it out for yourself, here are some exercises you can do to help you along. This may just be your year to find the life that you want.
The first step in finding your true path in life, is being honest with yourself about who you are. You need to figure out who your authentic self is. You are not here to please anyone but yourself. Your life, is just that, YOUR life. To do this, take a few moments and sit with yourself quietly, but have a pen and paper handy. Ask yourself to list off words that describe you. Be honest. No one is watching or listening. The first time you do it, if you are not someone who has thought deeply about this before, you may only come up with a word or two. Don’t be discouraged. Try again the next day and so on, until you have a healthy list of both positive and negative words that describe who you are. Reflect on your list.
The next step is to ask yourself what kind of life you want to have. Now we are all shown in the media what kind of life we are “supposed” to have. Just think about the Disney movies where princesses are searching for Prince Charming to give them happiness. Or the commercials that are on the television and radio. Or if you belong to a church or a temple, what doctrine is being presented to you about the life you “should” live. Now I am not saying that there isn’t good somewhere contained in all of that. That said though, as I mentioned earlier, every single person is a different individual. How could everyone want the exact same life? These lives that are presented to us from the time we are children may not be the lives we really want. And that is Okay! So this time, as you sit with yourself, think about the life you would want to live, and have a pen and paper handy again. Here are some questions you can ponder: Would you be in a relationship? Is marriage on your radar? Do you want children? Do you like to travel? Do you like a predictable pattern such as a 9-5 job, or do you prefer to work all night? All of these things are important to realizing what your path is. And only you know the answers to these questions. You can’t be your authentic self if you put yourself in a marriage with children working 9-5 everyday, if you prefer to have numerous love interests, a free schedule and work for a few months like crazy and then have a few months off. And if you can’t be your authentic self, how can you possibly realize what your path is?
Once you have completed these two exercises, you are well on your way to figuring out what your path in life is. You are on your way to understanding who you are, and the kind of life you want to live.
The third exercise then, is to sit with yourself one more time, with a paper and pen handy. This time, consider all of the things that you enjoy doing, and the things that you are good at. Continue with this daily, until you have a healthy list of these items. You may also want to list any jobs that you have had that really stimulated you. Or jobs that you have seen, but not done, that inspire you. Nothing is off-limits. Also list environments where you felt at your best. Don’t leave anything out even if it seems silly.
Now that you are starting to figure out who you are, what kind of life you want, what you are good at and what you enjoy… you are well on your way to figuring out what your true path is. Now it might be time to take some risks. People who have the life that they really want, typically have had to take some risks to get there and you are no exception!
This life is short, and we should all not only have the life we were meant to live regardless of circumstances that may have occurred, but we are meant to be happy! Every day is new, and now we are also in a new year. Take advantage of it, and make your life your own.

Wendy Love Edge
Take back your health America!

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A Hospital Experience

Last week, I had some chest pain and pretty awful vertigo.   I have never experienced vertigo before, and it is pretty scary!  The first night it happened, I tried really hard to talk myself out of it and decide I was alright.  The next night when it happened again, I decided this might be the one thing besides a trauma of some sort that would bring me to the emergency room (ER) of a traditional hospital.  I do have two stents in my heart after all.  So, I went to the ER, knowing that they would likely bring me in quickly and hook me up to all kinds of monitors, start an IV, and give me some pharmaceutical medication.  I also knew, that with my extensive health history, they likely would admit me to make sure there was nothing new wrong with my heart.

I was right.  They took me in immediately, and did just what I thought that they would.  My blood pressure was very high, unusual for me at this point in taking back my health.  True to form, they didn’t allow me to eat or drink anything.  I knew I would easily get dehydrated, but their reasons were important. If they had to take me to surgery, I had to take nothing by mouth.  So I hoped that they would continue to hydrate me through my IV.

I am incredibly blessed.  I chose not to inform everyone right away that I had to go to the ER.  But I have been staying with  my  friend Kayla, our Bulldozer Health Food for Health Director,  and she took me and stayed  by my side.  She is a nurse, and very loving and compassionate. This made me feel safe in an environment I was so uncomfortable in.  She contacted  my wife who didn’t skip a beat and came to stay with me.  She was so sweet and loving, and made herself completely available to me despite our ongoing separation.  This increased my feelings of being held in the light and love that I so needed at this time.  And, now, several years later from my original illness in 2011, the nurses didn’t give us a hard time at all about being together in the hospital.  Some progress here in Fayetteville Arkansas on the discrimination front.  Nice.

The cardiologist did numerous tests over the next two days.  I was trying hard not to take on the sick role, or to take their pharmaceutical medications.  But it was impossible.  I was without all of my herbal treatments and they would not allow any of them at the hospital.  Also, because of my vertigo and question of a heart problem, I was mostly stuck in bed.  I took their medication so I wouldn’t be in constant pain. And took on the sick role to the best of my ability letting people do things for me.  It is uncomfortable, but in this situation, necessary.  I kept telling myself it was temporary.

When the cardiologist came to see me after the endless testing that they did, he told my wife and I,  that one of my stents was out-of-place and blocking my LAD, the large artery in the front of my heart, by 70%.   I listened as my wife started to cry from behind where I couldn’t really see her.  I felt crushed.   But I couldn’t live there.  I knew that my thinking has such a profound effect on my health.   I said, “it’s going to be okay. We are in the right place. They will fix it”.  But my chest ached even more as I felt her pain and fear.  We would rally though. We would get through this.

Then I remembered that we have such an incredible network of alternative care providers through Bulldozer Health Inc.  My second day in the hospital,  Andrea Sumers, our Bulldozer Health Inc. Vice President, visited me and gave me an energy and essential oil treatment.  Then, those that are on our social media, and saw what was happening, sprung into action.  They were sending loving, healing energy to me to improve my condition.   One of our providers, Allee from Anabal Health Solutions, was with us when we got the news.  She had come to the hospital and was in the process of doing an energy and essential oil treatment. She too, was incredibly compassionate and kind.   She also brought me some structured water, which I drank until I could take nothing more by mouth after midnight.   I felt like I was in good hands and very fortunate to have all of this healing work available to me.   It was bittersweet though, because I know that it is not available to everyone.  I cannot wait until we can provide this kind of treatment to everyone who needs it through Bulldozer Health Inc. Everyone should have all of the options available to them.

The next morning, they came and got me to take me for the heart catheterization to fix my heart.  I was nervous.  My wife and I were trying very hard to not get caught up again in what could be a traumatic experience.  We talked through it and prepared ourselves. We were on the same page.   When I arrived in the room, they gave me anesthesia where I couldn’t feel anything but was wide awake.  One of the doctors said to me, “You have heart stents and you came off of all of your medicine?”.  I replied, “Yes” .  “Well that might have not been such a great idea”, he said, with a snicker.  The doctor was suddenly finished it seemed.  “Your heart is clear” , he said.   “My heart is clear?  You mean you fixed it?”  “No”, he replied. “Your heart was clear when I got in there”.  Then he said, “Yes, and you know, your heart muscle looks excellent and you have a 60% ejection fraction, which is normal”.  The doctor who had snickered earlier didn’t say a word.

I was shocked and amazed.  So either the tests that they did previously were wrong, or the healers healed my heart.  I choose to believe the latter.  I am so happy to know that my heart is in good shape from the exercise, proper nutrition, positive attitude and herbal treatments I am using.  It’s good to gain some affirmation that I am on the right path.  I am also happy to know how effective alternative healing is.  That said, I would not choose to go through all that I did to find that out.  I still believe  that the ER, the hospital, and pharmaceutical medications have their place.  And when your heart might be involved, that is a time when you don’t want to be remiss in your health care choices. The idea of taking back your health, includes you being in control of your health and your choices.  Of knowing your body and working on being healthy and positive every day.  It also includes knowing all of the choices that are available to you.

That  said, the  experience left me exhausted and in pain for the last several days since my hospital discharge.  I have felt some withdrawal from the pharmaceutical medicine that they gave me, and in switching back over to herbal treatments.  It traumatized my wife and I some, bringing back some memories that we did not care to revisit.   All in all though, this was a positive experience on many levels.  I am eternally grateful for all of the love and support alternative care network in Arkansas, our management team, my friends and chosen family here in Arkansas, and my amazing best friend and wife.  It’s nice to know that even though we are not a couple, we are still there for each other in such a loving manner.


Wendy Love Edge

Take back your health America!





Some information on structured water:


Structured Water


Issues surrounding cannabis legalization and ending prohibition: Body and Soul Radio with Wendy Edge and Anne Armstrong

Please listen to this episode of Body and Soul Radio show on Talkstreamradio.com with Wendy Love Edge and Anne Armstrong.  About 45 minutes in length,  Wendy and Anne are interviewed about their choice to use cannabis legally in the states that they live in, and how it works for them. Anne also discusses some of the history of cannabis prohibition and issues surrounding legalization.  Enjoy!



http://www.talkstreamradio.com/play_episode.lasso?soundfile= 9, 2014&episodeId=734&showId=2&showTitle=Body and Soul&episodetitle=Guests: Anne Armstrong and Wendy Love Edge



Alternative Health: All people should have all of the options

Today, I was in and around Fayetteville Arkansas, talking with people about taking back their health.  I am in a “no legal cannabis” zone, so I am never sure if people are pro cannabis, will get upset in talking about the issue, or even be truthful.  It makes me feel sad, that people are so uncomfortable talking about this very real health option.  I decided to switch gears a bit then, and talk about other options with them, and what health means to them. This is all very interesting as some people have heard of various treatment options, but never tried them.  They also have very different ideas about the meaning of “health”.

Through Bulldozer Health Inc., we want people to know about all of the alternatives available to them for their health.  There has been a lot of talk lately regarding the Affordable Care Act, and what that entitles people to get for the money that they are now required to spend. What you get, is access to primarily pills and surgery.  It also entitles you to medical testing.  The problem is, the foundation or the anchor,  is missing.   What I mean by that, is the basic elements of good health are not the focus.  And people do not have access to treatments that may actually heal their body, or teach their body to heal itself.   Lifestyle is only discussed if that is important to the particular physician you go to see.  It is not discussed as a matter of health,  or as a protocol to good health.   They have protocols about which medicines to give, but not about which foods to eat, how much exercise would help, or whether the person has been getting enough rest,  for example.

The way Western Medicine has formed, it is a symptom driven approach, with answers mainly in pills, injections, vaccines, tests and surgeries.  Rarely is it about the anchor.  For instance, when you go to a Western physician with stomach problems, do they review your diet in detail? Your sleep schedule? Your eating schedule?  If they do, do they have you make changes with that if necessary before they come at you with a bunch of tests and pharmaceutical medications?  These questions are important, but here are some more important questions.  If they went over these things with you, would you go home and implement changes and return in 3 weeks to discuss it? If this was suggested, would you be put off, wondering why they didn’t just fix it with a prescription?   If for instance, your physician could send you to have acupuncture but it might take 3 or 4 sessions,  would that be acceptable to you?   We must examine deeply, what we are willing to do to stay healthy.  In my opinion, we must stop relying on the physician to give a quick fix.  For many people, we have become a society of not only quick fixes for our health, but a “fix me” society as well. This is a victim mentality, not an empowered mentality.

Health, is really a state of balance.  When the balance is off we don’t feel well.  Alternative health modalities, seek to restore this balance using their chosen pathway. Not every alternative care treatment is for every one of course.   Through experience, I see that when people have the opportunity to try some different options, they typically find one that works best for them.  I also think that when working with people and inspiring them to take back their health, we must take into account their personal definition of health and help them set goals to improve it.

Health encompasses many things, and means different things to different people. So, to achieve health, it requires taking small steps in that direction.  By taking small steps, people see over time that their health improves. This gives them a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of their own health.  It drives them forward in the positive direction.

Through Bulldozer Health Inc., we are setting up a network of alternative health providers across the country.  We are starting in a few cities, and working our way forward.  We want everyone to know, that there are like-minded practitioners out there interested in hearing their health goals and helping them to achieve them.  There are numerous options for health available.  The answer to finding health  is multi-faceted, and lies in your own willingness to keep an open mind, and reach for it.

Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge




End Cannabis Prohibition: Why can’t I have my prescribed medicine while in Arkansas?

I am getting ready to travel again.  I am not fond of flying, but I do it to get from point A to point B for a good reason. Also, because of my health problems, I am unable to sit in a car for the length of time it would take to get to Arkansas from Massachusetts.  So I keep in mind the good reasons I am traveling to stay positive and focused.   In this case, I want to spend time with family.  I also want to continue with my passion, Bulldozer Health Incorporated.  With the help of amazing volunteers, I want to reach every American, and show them how to take back their health!

Bulldozer Health Inc. has numerous events planned in Fayetteville from the end of October, through the month of November.  We have a health fair at the Fayetteville Senior and Wellness Center, healthy cooking classes at Ozark Natural Foods, meditation class at Evander  Publishing, and a Health Talk at the Fayetteville Public Library.  We will also continue to network with alternative care providers, as this is essential to have a network that people can connect with if they decide that “mainstream” medicine isn’t working for them.  We also have a new documentary to shoot.  Our Director of Media Services, Note Louis, will be coming to town mid-November to work on the documentary.  This is all very exciting!

My excitement is marred though, by something that is really hard for many people to believe.  The medicine, that has changed my life, Cannabis, is not legally available to me in Fayetteville.  Yes, this it true even though I have been examined by a doctor here in MA and told that cannabis would work for my numerous health problems. In fact, if I use it in Fayetteville, I am breaking the law.  As incredulous as this is, it is true.  I cannot legally travel on an airplane with my medicine due to Federal law.  I cannot obtain my medicine legally while in Arkansas.   In short, I must  go without it, or be a criminal.

Most people would not travel in this case.  I understand that thinking.  But when I started this project, I remembered a vow I made when I was very sick and living in Arkansas.  I said, “If I find a way to get better, I will come back here and work to improve this health care system”.  I am a woman of my word.  So, with my other herbal treatments in tow, I will go back to Arkansas again, and effect change through the Bulldozer Health Inc. project.  We have great volunteers who will help me.  I have family who will help me.  They will help to get me through my time there as my body declines in front of them.  Thankfully, the cannabis has healed some of my health problems.  But the fact is,  I am still working on taking back my health.  The cannabis is still working at healing many of my issues and it helps tremendously with inflammation, eye problems and pain.  It is a needed medicine for me.  Since it takes a while to leave the body, it will be a little while before the full effect of not having it is realized.  I am preparing myself for that.

Our health  system is incredibly flawed,  and we are still living with cannabis prohibition.  For things to truly be right, we have to work to lift this prohibition, so that everyone can have access to this medicine and grow it themselves if they want to.  Until then, we must stop treating patients as criminals, and at least legalize it across the country.  I am living proof that this medicine works.  And there are so many people like me.  The fact is,  we must all have access to all of the health alternatives available.  As it stands right now, we are all paying for mandatory health insurance, that mainly gives us access to pills and/or surgery.  This is not enough.  We must demand  more.    We must demand better. The pharmaceutical companies have owned all of us including our doctors and our government  for far too long.

Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge


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