Podcast Episode #5 Nutrition with Guest Regina Doucimo from Natural Whole Body Nutrition

Please listen as Regina and Wendy Love Edge discuss how good nutrition is an essential remedy to good health.



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Take back your health America!

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Nutrition: Bulldozer Remedy for Health #3 Drink Water!

We have surely have drought across this country.  I’m not talking about the usual kind of drought which is an important thing to be cognizant of for sure. .  I am talking about the drought that is inside many of our people!  We must be cognizant of this as well.

Dehydration is responsible for mental fogginess, forgetfulness, dry skin, and poorly functioning digestion just to name a few.  Make sure you drink enough water.

Watch our weekly bulldozer health tip from Candy Lee on this topic:


Go get some fresh water now.  Go on.


Wendy Love Edge


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