A Distance Healing Experience

I had the good fortune to be offered a free distance healing session in exchange for writing a blog post about my experience. The doctors tell me I have multiple conditions, but the most difficult one presently is neuropathy.  What is neuropathy?  Neuropathy is the disease or dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves, typically causing numbness or weakness.

Neuropathy can present with a host of symptoms actually.  I experience fluctuating muscle weakness, burning and sometimes stabbing pain in my feet, and an ever-present dull ache in the balls of my feet.  I also have ongoing numbness in both feet whereby I cannot feel them most of the time. There is also hypersensitivity, where anytime I bump them or knock them into something it sends a horrific shooting pain causing me to stop in my tracks and try not to cry.

I do not take the commonly prescribed pharmaceutical drug for it, largely because of the side effects. That drug is gabapentin, or neurontin. The drug also does not heal the disorder, but only masks the symptoms.  In the past I did take the drug, and it was very difficult to come off of causing nasty withdrawal symptoms.  So I choose for those reasons, not to consume it.

So when I was offered this free distance energy healing from Energy Yoga by Gina for nervous system healing, I decided it was worth a try.   The symptoms I experience are annoying and can be debilitating at times. At the very least, nothing would happen after the session and so I felt I had nothing to lose, and everything to possibly gain. This healer was assigned to me by Heartgrain.com, which is a holistic health platform that connects holistic healers with those seeking natural holistic health treatments.   They connected me directly with Energy Yoga by Gina in a very short time.

The practitioner told me she would be doing nervous system balancing. She informed me at the outset the following:

“Your session will have permanent effects as the nervous system is recalibrated it forgets/releases past trauma and begins to function as nature intended it to work. With regular sessions, a person will begin to develop inner peace, better health, increased intuition, and over time synchronicity starts showing up in their life”

I gave her more information about the multiple autoimmune diseases that I have prior to the session, and she informed me that in addition to the nervous system re-balancing, she would also do an immune system repair. She was very knowledgeable and thorough in collecting information about my conditions. She also told me that she would be giving me some diet recommendations after the session.

The practitioner gave me the time and date I would be receiving the treatment. I prepared by drinking plenty of water, resting and meditating.  She informed me when the session started.

About 30 minutes into the session, the pain and numbness disappeared from my feet. To my surprise, this lasted for about an hour.  It was amazing to feel the floor under my feet without any distortion for even this short amount of time. Slowly, over the next hour most of the symptoms returned.

After the session, I asked her to send me information about what she did in the session and this is what I received:

From Energy Yoga by Gina

Budiwig mixture  https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/budwig-diet-protocol-cancer/
All in all the healing experience was a good one, with some noticeable results in the first session.  I let some time pass before writing his blog post about my experience, because she directly told me that the full benefits, even from just one session, can take some time.  I did see some minor continued results after the initial results, which included a more intermittent dull ache in the balls of my feet instead of feeling it continuously. Recently though, it has completely returned. This is a month later.  Based on this, it is probable that long-term results could occur. That said, the treatment cost may be an issue for  most people since so many sessions are required for lasting results.  It is of course not covered by health insurance.
As for the diet recommendation, I chose to pass.  The amount of dairy is not good for me personally. I also read a number of reviews on the diet which were mixed for the conditions I have which do not include cancer.  As I always say though, every body is different, so I suggest you do your own research.
Much gratitude to Yoga by Gina and Heartgrain.com for giving me the opportunity to try this treatment.
Please visit http://www.heartgrain.com to reach this practitioner.
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